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The Three Basic Tips to Help you Save Money While Playing Online Poker


You cannot become a winning poker player without truly understanding the game and having a great strategy. Without understanding the math of the game, it is hard to go very far in online poker. With that said, your expertise and strategy can only take you so far. No matter how good you are at the game, you will have to come across some losses along the way. Your experience can only prevent a death blow in the game.

Since losing a game in poker is inevitable along the way, we are going to help you reduce your losses with a few tips. These three basic tips can help you save a lot of money in the long run while playing online poker games like idnpoker Indonesia

Without further ado, let us begin with the first tip:

Try to put yourself in a good situation:

To save money in poker and increase your chances of winning, you don’t have to be the best player in the world or the best player in a poker game like idnpoker Indonesia. You just have to put yourself in a good position where you are the best player in an online table. 

To explain this further, you are someone who plays $5 Hold’em but find out that the room is full of tough players; you need to go and find another online room. Even if the next room that you find has significantly lower stakes than you usually play, but you have a great chance of winning, you should stay there. 

Another example is that if you’re a regular at $50 Hold’em, but the lineup is against your favor, and the only other room available has $4 stakes where the game is in your favor; you need to sit in that $4 game. It is better to win a little bit of money than to risk losing a large amount of money.

Know when it’s time to quit:

When playing online poker like idnpoker Indonesia, it’s not about quitting when you’ve won or lost a certain amount of money. You should quit when you realize you are no longer at your best when you cannot beat the game anymore. Once you learn the line is becoming too tough or you become the underdog, it is time to leave.

Don’t compare yourself with someone else and try to be that person:

Playing online poker is all about learning and gaining more experience along the way. And as such, it is fine to look at someone who is really good at the game and learn from them. However, when you start trying to play their game and replicate their moves, this is when things can get a bit dangerous. You have to understand that your game is your game, and their game is theirs. 

The main idea behind this is that there is no perfect style of playing the game. Meaning that no player has the secret recipe to beat everyone. Hence if you try to be someone else and play their game, you are likely to fail and lose a lot of money. 

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