Different Forms Of Slot Tournaments


Every online slot player enjoys partaking in different types of slot tournaments. It’s fun and rewarding at the same time to see how one can play, top the leaderboard, and obtain prizes. The concept of the tournament is quite self-explanatory. It covers all types of events where the punters proceed to spin and secure excellent winnings.

Here, the winner doesn’t take home all the winnings. The prize can be divided between the Top 3, 10, or even 30 players. The participants can also expect bonus spins and cash. You can expect to play games that are found on agen slot online. If you have played games via agen slot online, then you will have a great time at the tournaments.

Every tournament features a prize pool and leaderboard. But the rules surrounding the games that are permitted to play, entry and choosing of the winner, timeframes, and other details might differ from place to place. Now let us delve into the different types of slot tournaments available for players to partake in.

Scheduled Tournaments – It is one of the major and common forms of the buy-in type of tournaments. Here, the players need to pay and register in advance for participating. It’s the only way that they can join the fest.

Survivor Tournaments – This tournament is extremely competitive. It consists of numerous stages or phases where the participants that are placed at the lowest gets eliminated from the game towards the end of each stage. The top placers advance further, and the winner gets picked in the last round.

Comped Tournaments – You will understand by its name that this tourney is meant for all the loyal patrons. Sites with a well-rounded loyalty program operate a plethora of events for keeping their customers fully entertained in a dynamic and thrilling way.

One-Shot Tournaments – It is quite similar to the survivor one, with the only difference being how vying and challenging it is. Here, the punters possess only a single shot to show and prove their mastery. In this way, they can move to the following stage and head towards the actual prize.

Sign-Up Freerolls – In certain gaming platforms, free access to a particular slot tournament tends to be added inside the welcome package. A deposit might be required for activating this promo, but it depends on the rules.

Reloader Tournaments – In this tournament, the players have chances of rebuying into the race. It is like a 2nd life for those people who are interested in paying for additional sessions.

Sit & Go Tournaments – Such contests possess limited seats. Here, once they are taken, the players can start to spin and win. However, these events don’t come with a starting time that’s pre-set. So, players need to keep waiting for the last passenger at times to join the match.

Extender Tournaments – It shares similarities with the buy-in features within online slots, which allows players to enter into the bonus round by paying a specific amount of money. The extender contest enables the players to purchase additional features and elevate their winning chances.

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